Welcome to Pinnacle Parkour Academy, Philadelphia!


Our Mission Is to Inspire People Through the Art of Movement.


Come in for your first free class and see what we're all about. We have classes for all age ranges 3-18+ and have multiple parkour related classes through out the week.  No previous parkour experience is needed. Sign up below for your free class and don't forget to fill out your waiver!


Interested in competing in the National Ninja League Competition February 10, 2018? Register below and be sure to fill out your waiver! 

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Here at Pinnacle Parkour Academy Philadelphia...

We teach students of all ages obstacle course type training, as well as the importance of exercise, overcoming fears, and the benefits of a fulfilling community of like-minded people.

PPK Academy was the first gym on the east coast dedicated solely to Parkour. We have an amazing 11,000 square foot facility, fully equipped with a bar setup, foam pit, tumble track, dance floor, spring floor and many obstacles to work with.



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Why Parkour?

Parkour is a movement art and discipline, its roots buried deep into every person. We all climbed, jumped and ran as children, why don't we anymore? Pinnacle Parkour Academy strives to make the regular workout routine fun. Why would you settle for a workout that you can't stand when superhuman achievement is right around corner? 

We are a community, with one goal: to help each other become best athletes possible.

We aim to inspire through movement, and to help people Move with a Purpose


Have we convinced you yet?

If not read what our parents and students have to say about our facility and coaching staff!


Loved class, came for the free homeschool meet for my son and want to join myself!  -Nelly Ma'at

Awesome facility! The gym has so many interesting places to explore, jump & climb…the possibilities are endless! The coaching staff is also incredible! They enjoy sharing their knowledge and love of parkour. They know how to encourage students to push themselves to try new things and consistently grow. I love seeing the students follow through with what they are taught, improve and succeed! They offer a variety of classes, special events & open gym opportunities. I encourage everyone to come check it out!  - Valerie Neuber

The staff at the Philly location was amazing, and actually care about bettering your skills. 10/10 would go there before any other parkour gym.  - Mick Reed
PPK Philly is a rock solid movement facility for all ages and experience levels. Keep challenging yourself and the possibilities never end!  - Mathew Pevely
Drove up from Baltimore two weekends in a row for a workshop and then a jam. Some of the best times I've had doing parkour. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. Can't wait to come back!  - Stephan Frisbie
Literally the best parkour gym that I have ever been to. Extremely high ceilings for training at heights. Endless lines are possible. Andy Taylor is the man for building a gym.  - Joe Gilberg
Toby Segar from Storror Blog and Andy Taylor Facing Off.

Toby Segar from Storror Blog and Andy Taylor Facing Off.