Our Band System...

The PPK Philadelphia Band system is meant to give students another way to actively show progression towards becoming a well rounded athlete. 

The first three bands require a specific set of moves as well as a strength, mobility, and fear test. 

Bands four through seven require a specific line (or set of linked movements) be completed as well as passing a strength, mobility, and fear test. 

Key Information:

The numbers after each individual skill line refer to the number attached to the video that shows that skill line. These are linked in. 

Band 1



  • Air squats- feet shoulder width apart heels flat on the ground

  • Joints stacked, toes should be facing forward

  • Back flat

3 dead- hang pull-ups

  • Lower fully to relaxed position with straight arms

  • No swinging or kipping

  • Head Neutral

Climb down 7 sec

  • Keep Elbows from flaring

  • Stay on the wall

  • 7 sec or more coming down


Band 2



  • Thumbs to armpits

  • Joints stacked… NO chicken wings

  • Elbows tracked behind you

Knees to Elbows

  • No swinging or kipping

  • Black flat at the top

  • Arm straight, hold at the top for 1 sec

Box jumps

  • Landing on the balls of your feet

  • Ending at the bottom of her squat

  • Arms out in front for counter balance

  • Top of hips


Band 3


Pull ups to chest

  • Lower fully to Relaxed position with straight arms

  • No swinging or kipping

  • Chest must reach to rail

7 sec dragonfly of a box

  • 7 sec hold

  • Legs 2 panel mates high

  • Arms and legs straight

3 bar squats in a row

  • 2 Attempts when trying

  • Butt to rail

  • Back straight

  • Can rest at the Bottom and top

Band 4


5 Toes to bar

  • Legs and arms straight

  • No swinging or kipping

  • Toes or ankles must touch the bar

7 Explosive squat

  • Landing at the balls or your feet in a full squat

  • Back straight / Joints stacked

  • Engaging your arms to propel up words

5 rail push ups  

  • Hands stacked and close to touching

  • Middle of chest over hands

  • Both legs must be on the bar

  • Back flat

Skill Lines

  • Plyo 3x (your body length) to precision hold for 3 sec →   2

  • Stride 4x (your body length) to precision on box hold for 3 sec →  1

  • 2 plyos up (at your hip height/ bigger), Dive kong to roll → 3

  • Hit 7 and 5 periodic table pillars to cat climb up, run front flip off →  4

  • Front handspring off a box to cartwheel back pettel, 2 feet on the wall dive roll both sides →  5

  • Wallspin, cartwheel, B-kick → 6

  • Hip Circle, Sole Circle per → 20


Band 5


Level 2 climb up

  • Arms move symmetrically… No chicken wings

  • Cast up both feet to precision

2 pullovers

  • Legs straight ending in support

  • Palms face away from body

L sit for 10 sec

  • Don’t touch ground keep legs above the bars

  • Legs straight

Box jump to hip height

  • No run up or sets

  • Stick for 3 sec

  • 2 attempts

Skill Lines

  • Climb down to cat to 2 steps back to climb up → 7

  • Lache to cat, turn valt, 90 trun drop cat  → 8

  • Kong per, jump grab a bar 180 turn around, lache per →  9

  • Rail run hurdle, run up warped wall

  • Wall run (slanted wall by spring floor) land side flip off (by shenron) lazy vault, to reves valt land cat white piller → 10

  • Valt to cat, Dyno up to 2ed rail cat back to per → 11

  • Monkey plant to 2x stride, Cat abort, side roll→ 12


Band 6


Level 3 climb up

  • Arms straight

  • Flow in to precision on the top of the box

  • 2 in a row

Cast up to bar precision

  • Deadheading to precision land in a full squat

  • Show control hold for 3 seconds

  • 5 attempts

Quad jump

  • 1 foot farther than your high on each set

  • 5 attempts

  • Stick your landing

Skill Lines

  • Lache to plo 2x precision front flip → 13

  • Dash to kong to precision → 14

  • Dub kong, 2 steps wall run, roll off dash out → 15

  • Stride concrete white objects to cat by hydrogen, climb up → 16

  • Lache to lache (gots to look nice too) → 17

  • Pop front/side to roll, to wallspin → 18

  • Fly-away cartwheel backflip/ cartfull → 19


Band 7


Muscle ups dead hang

  • No swinging or kipping

  • No chicken wings

  • Arms symmetrical

Dragonfly 7 sec

  • Shoulder touching rain

  • Hips/ legs straight

Pistols squats (3 on each side)

  • Heal flat

  • Hold at the Bottom for 1 second before coming up

Skill Lines

  • Punch front, Kong, strived to precision

  • Lache 180 per on a rail, to backflip dive roll out the way

  • Wall run blue pillar, 2 seps on the white pillar to cat white pillar with holes in it

  • Make up your own line

    • Go over your head

    • Going up and down 2x

    • Get on top of the 8ft rali

    • With flow