Our Curriculum

Age Groups

Tots: 3-6

Kids: 7-11

Teens: 12-17

Adults: 18+

Types of classes:

PK 1:

PK 1 Curric Flyer Final Size.jpg

The 36 fundamental parkour moves taught in a concise 3-4 move 'line' each week. Moves rotate each week throughout the year, providing a new and exciting challenge every time you come to the gym. This is our core parkour class, designed to be accessible, yet challenging for everybody. If you're looking for a fun time, a difficult challenge, or just to learn how to move a little better, then this is the class for you. 


Whether its speed runs or highly technical challenges, challenge class offers just that to everyone who takes it, a challenge. More free form then our regimented PK 1 Class, challenge offers more room for individual expression within your movement. 


The quintessential class for your little one. Tots class is basically a challenge class sized for tiny people. We focus on strong basics, and becoming aware of their bodies, and how they function in parkour. 


Get integrated to our space, and to movement through parkour based games. This class is for all ages 7+.


A natural compliment to parkour, yoga focuses on stretching, endurance, and elongating muscles, for ultimate physical health. This class is taught by outside teacher Emile Sorger, owner of YMS Yoga Studio, in Philadelphia. 

Pre - PK 1:

The bridge between our tots class, and our PK 1 class. This is a 'Test in only' class for ages 4-7. 

Please see one of our coaches to inquire about your little one in our Pre-PK 1 Program!

Aerial Silks: 

An exciting introduction to Aerial Silks! Learn the basics of Aerial arts with our 18' high silks! Start from the ground, and work your way to the ceiling! An excellent way to build strength, flexibility, and confidence! 

8 week strength course:

An 8 week, one class per week, course. This class focuses on strength building. Learn conditioning through parkour techniques such as climb ups, muscle ups, and other parkour moves. Wanna get really strong? This is the class for you!

Break dancing:

This class teaches the foundations of breaking (b-boy/girl-ing), which combines intricate footwork, power-moves and freezes, each of which stem from multiple dance communities and cultures. If you enjoy dance arts, definitely give this class a try on Tuesdays or Thursdays! We have a kids and adults break dance class!