The PPK Philly NAPC Competition Recap

      On June 16th and 17th, PPK Philly hosted the East Coast Area Competition for SPL.
This article is a run down of some of the things we experienced as being a venue for SPL.
The Sport Parkour League (SPL) is one of the most prestigious competition circuits internationally run by Origins Parkour in Vancouver, Canada. With parkour’s recent rise to the mainstream, competition formats are becoming more refined, and more competitions are popping up around the world. The tagline of SkillSpeedStyle represents the three competitions that SPL hosts at each event.

    The ‘Skill’ event, consisted of sets of predetermined challenges that vary from single moves, or short challenges. One of the hardest challenges was a 8ft kong pre at one of the highest point in the gym until this competition it had only been done twice previously. Our very own coach Patrick and Marquis were able to accomplish this giant challenge. Because of the height it was an extreme mental challenge. The rest of the challenges were well rounded, from a giant lache cat to the most technical roll precision. There was also a taxing climbing challenge that only about half of the competitors were able to accomplish. The challenge itself was a taxing traverse across the back area of the gym. This forced the athletes to think about how to accomplish the challenge using the least amount of energy. The beginning round was open to all and peer reviewed. The last round took the top 10 scoring from the first round and was timed.

The skills podium in men's was:

1st: Tavon Mcvey

2nd: Patrick Carbajal

3rd: Jonas Neidhart


The skills podium in womens was:

1st: Lorena Abreu

2nd: Emily Tung

3rd: Tara O’Brien

    The ‘Speed’ event consisted of two courses marked out by flags that the competitors must maneuver through to get to a finish gate. The competitor who had the fastest times would be the winner. The first round of speed started just before our white walls, contestants would have to run, climb and dive through the rest of the course  to the end in the back area by our blue descent wall. The average time was about 14 seconds with the fastest being around 11 seconds. Contestants had to figure out the fastest way through the course without sacrificing enough form to make any costly errors. The second round started in the back corner by our warped wall where contestants had to climb up our descent wall and through the white walls make it to our wood floor to end. Most athletes averaged around a speed of 18 seconds. The most immediate challenge that faced athletes was the interesting climb up the descent wall to start things off, begging them to think about how they would maintain their momentum throughout the course. Fastest time wins even if a person were to take a nasty fall mid route. This makes us wonder if this format represents parkour as well as it could.


The speed podium in men's was:

1st: Tavon McVey

2nd: Marquis Bennett

3rd: Patrick Carbajal


The speed podium in women's was:

1st: Lorena Abreu

2nd: Tara O’Brien

3rd:  Emily Tung



   The ‘Style’ event, consisted of 3 rounds total. Two “flow” rounds and one “big move” round. During Flow Rounds competitors were separated into two different parts of the gym to create a line for each flow round. In the first round of the style competition athletes had to use the back corner of the gym to come up with a smooth cohesive parkour line. Since there are so many bars it was difficult for athletes to forgo using bar tricks so if you had a weakness in that area, it showed. Where to start was a really hard question to answer, do you want to start on the white platform by the periodic table to have immediate access to a power move, or do you want to start somewhere else that favors other strengths? The second round took place in the other half of the back next to the Rampage wall. It’s a very compact spot, so huge moves were harder to pull off. Athletes were challenged to think about how to use all aparatas while still connecting their movements in the compact area. The big trick round was intense, a notable mention was when Coach Patrick showed of his tenacity by going for a sideflip bar pre. Although he never got it he did give his best attempts despite landing on his hamstring.


The Style Podium in men's was:

1st: Elias Sell


2nd: Byce Adams

3rd: Sam Weiseman


The style podium in womens was:

1st: Lorena Abreu

2nd: Emily Tung

3rd: Heather Lee