Our Top 10 Favorite Parkour Tutorials

   The best way to learn parkour is in a gym, or with a coach/instructor outside. Aside from that, the boundless resources of the internet offer countless tutorials, but unfortunately so many of them are hot garbage, taught by people with little to no knowledge of what they’re talking about. Be selective on who you’re watching, make sure that they are backed by other knowledgeable coaches. Here is a selection of excellent tutorials and instructors, hand picked by the PPK Philadelphia staff. Remember these tutorials are just our opinions and are numbered at random not by who is rated best. 

1. Storm: Jumping Tutorial

   Kie Willis goes over some different types of jumps in parkour, and the techniques required for each of them. This includes the standing jump, as well as a running take off, the mid-air execution, and landings for each of them.


2&3. APEX: Roll Tutorial

   The parkour roll is one of the hardest moves to master in parkour, while also being one the easiest to learn in its simplest form. It is an essential progression to any flip, or any movement at height.


4. Kie Willis: Plyo Tutorial

   Straight from one of the OG parkour athletes, the plyometric, or plyo jump, is an essential foundation of parkour. Learn to continuously jump, while keeping, and building momentum. This technique is easily applicable for any level athlete.


5. Origins Parkour: Kong Tutorial

   The kong vault is one of the most important moves in parkour, progressing into the Kong - Precision, the Dive - Kong, and the Double - Kong, as well as being a progression into countless other movements. Origins parkour is an organization located in Vancouver, Canada, focused on teaching parkour, and building community based programs.


6. Andy Taylor: Rip Tutorial

   Ever ripped your hands while swinging on bars? Fear not, this tutorial will show you how to bandage it up, so it heals as fast as possible, and you’ll be back to swinging in no time.


7. Plan Zero: Backflip Tutorial

   Backflips! This tutorials goes over the backflip in a beginner friendly way, focused on overcoming the mental fear through safe, and basic physical progressions. This tutora takes a different approach then we take in our gym, but this approach works better if you don’t have a gym facility, or coach to teach you!


8. Andy Taylor: Lache Tutorial

   Taught by our very own head coach, Andy Taylor, the lache is the first move to learn if you’re interested in bars. The quintessential swinging tech, will propel you through the air, to whatever target you so wish. This tutorial covers the power circle, proper swing form, and release techniques!


9. Mastering Tricking: Gainer Tutorial

   The basic alternative to a backflip, the ‘Kick the Moon’, or tricking gainer is a simple flip. The only prerequisite to this simple tutorial is a cartwheel. Learn an epic ‘flip’ while never having to go upside down!

AND...NUMBER 10....you tell us! Have a tutorial that we didn't mention? Let us know to complete our top 10!  

We hope that these tutorials greatly aid you in your movement journey, that they help you develop the skills you wish, and that they lead to more exciting discoveries!


PPK Philly Team