Top 10 Places to Train in the U.S

Parkour is an awesome sport with many awesome places to train. We are graced with some pretty nice areas around the Philadelphia area but the US has a lot more to offer. From fountains, to mountains let’s go down our staffs Top Ten places to train in the US.

  1. New York City, New York

New York is big, and with that size comes a ton of great parkour spots. Some must hits are, Scoops, Scoops 2, Sanctuary, and Brooklyn Zoo. Being such a big city means it takes a while to get from one end to another so tackle one borough at a time and don’t be afraid to get lost in the city.

We love New York for it’s endless challenges and amazing spots.

playground nyc.jpg

2. Flint, Michigan

When I hear Flint Michigan I immediately think “fountain”. Ironically enough one of the best spots in the US is a fountain in the city with some of the worst water in the country. Flint Fountain is such a good spot it alone warrants a place on our list. The first time I was there I was left in shock at how amazing the spot is. From the high level gaps at height to the low walls and ledges to grass, this is easily one of the best spots in not just the country but the entire world.

grand fountain 3.jpg
grand fountain 2.jpg

3. Greenville, SC

The stomping grounds of Bob Reese, and friends. There are tons of talented athletes here and an equal amount of amazing spots. You can’t go more than a few blocks before finding a place to train. Grabbing a group of buddies and exploring the city is the way to do this one.

peace center.jpg
peace center 2.jpg
Greenville SC ampitheatre.jpg

4. Denver, Colorado

“I’ve always viewed Colorado as the capital of parkour in America, it’s a talent pool, it just has to come down to the facilities and the athletes there, and they’re constantly spawning”

-Giles Campbell Longley, Spitting in The Wind Ep. 5 by The Motus Projects


Colorado is a legendary place in the world of Parkour. From the late Apex Boulder, to Pearl Street Mall, the gorgeous mountainous terrain. Colorado has such a high concentration of high quality spots that you will never be bored. Well known spots such as cat fountain have been places to train since the very early days of parkour. Colorado also has tons of gyms such as the new Apec Louisville location as well as the Denver gym. Path movement is also located in Denver Colorado as well.

tunnels park.jpg

5. Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, is one of those cities that slide under the radar of most athletes. It’s however a treasure trove of awesome spots, and scenic views that you won’t want to skip. Shapes and Wcet are some really fun spots that come to mind. If outside training isn’t an option don’t sweat, there’s an amazing gym facility there too, Swift Movement is an amazing indoor facility that you don’t want to miss out on.

cinci pk.jpg
Cinci park.JPG

6. San Antonio, Texas

The city is filled with wooden playground and cool metal bridges. This city can sometimes feel like the Wild West with its big obstacles, long handicap ramps, and lots of open space. This city is perfect to explore and wander to find new and interesting spots.

texas pk2.jpg
texas pk.jpg
texas park.jpg

7. Portland, Oregon

Portland is somewhat of a talent pool for high-level parkour athletes, and rightfully so. From the world famous Keller fountain to the lesser known Hollywood transit center and the newly built Forge Parkour gym, it’s no wonder why they’re constantly pumping out Athletes like Max Antal or Tyler Puterbaugh.

keller fountain.jpg
hollywood transit.jpg

8. Seattle, Washington

          If you haven’t heard of Freeway Park in Seattle Washington then you’ve been living under a rock your whole parkour life. What makes Freeway Park a go-to stop is it’s size. Catering to the advanced level athlete and even all the way down to the beginner level there seem to be countless things to do at this park.

freeway park.jpg
freeway ark 3.jpg

9. Boston, Massachusetts

What can we say about Boston except that it’s our favorite place to visit in the North East. From the  amazing spots like Baby Pool, Harvard Kent, and Josiah Quincy, to HUB PTC, the premier parkour gym New England

baby pool.JPG
baby pool 2.jpg

Hope you get to visit some of these fantastic locations!

Safe travels, and best wishes,

From the PPK Philly Staff