Our Top 10 Favorite Parkour Videos

   Here are our staffs favorite picks for parkour videos that are currently out there. There were a lot but we just kept it to 10. Please remember that this is just our personal favorites. If you have any videos that you love, we would love to hear about them :)

  1. Out of Time by Oleg Vorslav

       Starting off our list with an old-school bar classic. Out of Time by Oleg Vorslav is the first video that  comes to mind when people ask me to come up with a ‘timeless’ parkour video. With smooth as water flow, and incredibly high difficulty movements, cooked up with some classic fisheye, and a cool color code this video will always be a go-to.

2. Professor Longhair, Big Chief

   This is another one of those classic parkour videos from back in the day. Professor Longhair (Kie Willis) and Big Chief (Phil Doyle) are both currently members of Storm Freerun but at the time this video was released they were both still solo athletes running around the rooftops of the UK. This was a time when parkour was still widely unknown and very poorly received. Even for its time this video displays some very high skilled challenges that most seasoned athletes today would think twice about attempting.  


3. Resurgence l Motus x RUN LDN

   This is one of the newer videos on this list because we feel it deserves more recognition. The Motus Projects and RUN LDN worked together on this video to bring you a video filled with game changing challenges in the form of movements like athlete Max Barker’s side-flip rail precision or Luke Stones’ double kong at the iconic IMAX spot in London. There are a few behind the scenes videos that really show the prep work that went into some of these challenges. Sometimes the flashy camera work and editing overshadow the hard work and time that these athletes put into trying to a create such a high level video.


4. Emanuel Candid

   This video was recommended by Coach Patrick. It takes place in Germany under a highway, where some of the local community members seemed to have created a scaffolding set up built to train on. In the video there is some very interesting bar work thrown in by athletes such as Jannis Schauer and Mathias Mayer

5. Daniel Ilibaca - Choose not to fall

   This is more of a philosophical video than it is a parkour video, but Danny is someone who back in the day had a major influence on the community at large. In this video he talks about some of the key ideas that parkour instills in its practitioners. He mentions how creativity has been lost in today’s world and how kids nowadays look for instant gratification through video games and such. One of the key quotes that you’ll hear time and time again from this video is, “If you are afraid to fall you fall because you are afraid. Everything is choice.”


6. We are Ashigaru

   This video came right at the start of 2018 and was instantly shared around facebook and all other social media platforms. Be prepared however because this is not your average 3-5 minute video. It’s a bit lengthy so only sit down and give it a watch when you have the free time. With a stacked roster of 15 athletes this team video is filled with a diverse set of lines and places that make you feel like you’ve just trained at all of the spots in Germany.


7. CP Creating Progress

   Denester has been a very well rounded athlete on the parkour scene for some time now. If you haven’t heard of Denester then you definitely need to check out this video. It has tons of different movements thrown in from big plyos and precisions to some very mental lache challenges. One thing that definitely stands out in this video are some of the dive rolls. Denester is known for his big and technical dive rolls and this video does not fall short of that at all.


8. Pkguywithglasses- “No, they never fall off”

   This is one of the more recently released videos on the list, however, it has no problem keeping up with some of the older and more revered videos we’ve linked above. Mathieu is a canadian athlete with a highly technical style of movement. This video is extremely light-hearted and fun, but does not fail in bringing some of the banger lines we’re so used to. If you’re looking for something a bit more goofy while still delivering in both fluidity and power, then this is the one for you.


9. Still No Title by Mathias Mayer -

   If you haven’t seen either of the No Title videos then you need to stop reading this now and go watch those and then come back to this one. Just like our We are Ashigaru video this one is a bit lengthy but definitely worth the time spent watching. Mathias Mayer has been known for his unique style and diverse skill set. Mathias has been training for years now and it just goes to show what years of experience can become.


10. Roof Culture Asia

   7 Incredible athletes, a handful of groundbreaking filmmakers, and some of the world's tallest skyscrapers set the mood for Roof Culture Asia, a feature length documentary focused on ‘Roof Culture’ pushed to an extreme. In Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Seoul, home to some of the world's tallest buildings Storror once again pushes the limits of parkour, with incredible physical feats at paralyzing heights.

Well that ends our list. We had tons of fun watching videos and putting this together. Look out because one a month we will be doing a top 10 list. 


-PPK Philly Team