Our Staff

Our coaches are hand selected as hardworking compassionate men and women, whose goal is to progress parkour and train and foster the next generation of athletes and community members.


Andy Taylor

Hi, my name is Andy! I have blue hair, I like bars and I have been coaching since 2009.

Coaching certified by:

  • Pinnacle Parkour,
  • World Federation of Parkour & Freerunning (Lvls 1 & 2),
  • American Parkour (Lvls 1 & 2)
  • Zoic Nation




I like circus stuff and telling people what to do.

  • Coaching certified by Pinnacle Parkour.
  • Been in the parkour community since 2010.
  • Training as a professional Aerialist since 2012.
  • Aerial Silks coach since 2014.
  • Striving for a degree in Physical Therapy.


Elias Sell

I like taking pictures of things and not being told what to do.

  • Performed Circus Arts for 3 years
  • Parkour Coach for 2 years
  • Finishing up an A.A in Photography
  • Has been doing Commercial Stuntwork since he was 15


Chelsea Marlowe

Hi my name is Chelsea. I'm currently working as a stunt actress in the New York-Philadelphia area. When I'm not training parkour or working on set, I have a private music studio where I teach voice, piano, and music theory. 

  • B.M. in Opera from The University of Tennessee
  • Stunt-woman, Athlete, Actress, and Singer
  • 17 Years of Martial Arts Experience
  • Semi-Fluent in Italian, German, Spanish, and French.


Patrick Carbajal

I have been coaching for 3 years and if I don't feel uncomfortable at least once while training then I'm not training the right way.

  • World Freerunning & Parkour Federation
  • Coaching for 2 years
  • Fluent in Polish