Ages:      Tots: 3-6       Kids: 7-11       Teens: 12-16       Adult: 17+

+ PK 1

The intro parkour class that works on learning to run, jump, and climb with technique and power, while having tons of fun!

+ Challenge Class

A class that will revolve around friendly challenge competition, and will contain skills primarily from the PK 1 class.

+ Parkour Games Class

Games class will be parkour games designed to further learning in an ultra fun way, this is ideal for kids and teens, who don't want to learn in a "traditional" environment.

+ Ninja Class

Learn how to succeed in American Ninja Warrior, using parkour movements and techniques.

+ Tots Class

For kids ages 3-6 to learn basic movement ideas, in a fun way.

+ Homeschool Class

A flexible skill level parkour class, designed specifically for homeschoolers schedules.

+ Aerial Silks Class

An intro to aerial silks!

+ Yoga

Enjoy stretching-based athletic Yoga. Balance the impact of Parkour with the stretching and from Yoga. This class is for all ages and taught by outside instructor Emile Sorger.

+ Aut-Movement

A unique class for students aged 3-13, on all levels of the autism spectrum.