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+ Intro Class

How to Sign Up to an Intro Class!

  1. Click "Sign Up Here!" Below.
  2. Find a "PK 1" Class for your age group that you would like to sign up for.
  3. Follow the "Create an Account" option
  4. Fill Out Registration Form
  5. Click "Create Account"
  6. Select Make Single Reservation
  7. Check Out With Your Intro Class
  8. Get here 15 minutes before your class and prepare to stay 20 minutes after


+ PK 1

PK 1 is the perfect class for the entrepid first day student, the weekend warrior, or the seasoned parkour veteran looking for a brush up on some of the core moves of parkour. Be prepared to challenge yourself and learn, all while having tons of fun trying new moves and tecniques. PK 1 is highly structred and designed to put you on the path towards extreme athletic prowess with ample knowledge about tecnique and how to fail safely.

+ Challenge Class

Challenge class, the best suppliment, or in some cases alternative to PK 1. A more free form and self guided approach to our PK 1 moveset, a coach will guide you through a obstacles course with your goal being to optimize speed, minimize steps. or just get through it without touching the ground. If the rigorous and disciplined curriculum for PK 1 isnt for you, or maybe you just are looking for some extra instruction and a different style of class, either way, Challenge class is worth your time.


+ Parkour Games Class

Games class, is built around simple, yet exciting parkour games. This is an all ages class, so it can be enjoyed by anyone who wishes to just relax and have some parkour based fun. Games class can be a fantastic supplement to open gym, and a great opportunity, to get in on an epic game of parkour dodgeball or an intense round of foot-tag. Led and referee'd by a parkour instructor, and designed for anyone.

+ Ninja Class

Ever wondered what itwould be like to compete on American Ninja Warrior? Come try out Ninja class! Learn tecniques and form to improve your jumping, clmbing, and grip strength.

+ Tots Class

For kids ages 3-6 to learn basic movement ideas, in a fun way.

+ Homeschool Class

A flexible skill level parkour class, designed specifically for homeschoolers schedules.

+ Aerial Silks Class

An intro to aerial silks!

+ Yoga

Enjoy stretching-based athletic Yoga. Balance the impact of Parkour with the stretching and from Yoga. This class is for all ages and taught by outside instructor Emile Sorger.

+ Private Lessons

Need some more one on one time after normal classes are over? Need some help perfecting the technique of a particular move? Maybe just want to learn a specific set of skills for an upcoming event? Get some 1 on 1 time with our professional instructors! Our private lessons are made to give our students the unique critiques and attention particular to each individual to help them excel in their training.

Have a skill you wanna learn that we don't have on our site? Give us a call, or shoot us an email and ask if we can teach that discipline! Odds are pretty good we have a coach that can handle nearly any movement discipline! Some examples: Tumbling, Tricking, Juggling, and many others!

+ Pre - PK 1

The bridge between our tots class, and our PK 1 class. This is a 'Test in only' class for ages 4-7. Please see one of our coaches to inquire about your little one in our Pre-PK 1 Program!

+ 8 Week Course

An 8 week, one class per week, course. This class focuses on strength building. Learn conditioning through parkour techniques such as climb ups, muscle ups, and other parkour moves. Wanna get really strong? This is the class for you!

+ Break Dancing

This class teaches the foundations of breaking (b-boy/girl-ing), which combines intricate footwork, power-moves and freezes, each of which stem from multiple dance communities and cultures. If you enjoy dance arts, definitely give this class a try on Tuesdays or Thursdays! We have a kids and adults break dance class!



Here at Pinnacle Parkour Academy Philadelphia, we want to give you the best membership for your needs! Because of this, we have several options. Here are a couple of commonly purchased items!

Introductory Class:

  • Be prepared to come at least 10 minutes early and stay at least 20 minutes after: $30

Trial Membership:

  • Intro Membership - 4 Months of Unlimited Classes and Open Gyms: $130/Month

Drop In Options:

  • Drop in: Open Gym (During designated open gym times 1PM - 4PM / 7PM - 10 PM Monday-Friday and Sunday 7-10 PM): $20

  • Drop in: PK 1/Challenge/Ninja/Aerial Silks Class: $25

  • Drop in: Yoga $20

Monthly Membership Plans:

  • Unlimited Classes and Open gym (during designated open gym times) month to month: $150/Month 

  • Unlimited Classes and Open gym (during designated open gym times) Year contract: $130/month

  • Unlimited Open Gym (during designated open gym times) Month to month: $90/ month

Punch Card Options (good for 6 months):

  • 10 Class Punch Card: $200

  • 10 Pass Open Gym Punch Card: $150

Homeschool Pricing:

  • Homeschool Intro Class: $25

  • Homeschool Drop in: $15

  • Homeschool 1 Class per week - 1 Homeschool classes per week and unlimited Open Gyms: $55

  • Homeschool 2 Class per week - 2 Homeschool classes per week and unlimited Open Gyms: $95

If you have any questions or would like to know about other membership options, you can fill out the form below, or call us here!

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